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Davey is fun to tease...

So have fun!!!

People Who Like To Tease Davey Havok
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This is a community for teasing Davey. It's all in good fun, so don't take anything personally. You don't have to hate him, but it would be better and easier if you did! :P So here's a few rules to follow while your in here.

1) Please don't tell me how much you love Davey. I don't care. I don't...what's the word...prefer him so I don't really care. Spare me thanks.

2) No posting nice pictures. I want to see ugly, unflattering pictures of Davey. If you got 'em, share 'em!

3)Feel free to talk either way, nicely or meanly (is that a word) about Jade, Hunter or Adam. (preferably nicely, I like them. But mean is ok too...I guess)

4) If you're absolutely obsessed with Davey and are overprotective of him...please leave. Spare me, thanks.

5) This is not for those uptight AFI fans with the 10 foot poles so far up their asses that they taste metal. So if you're that person...get the hell out.

6) I don't like Davey clones, like people who are just like him in every way. If you are like him please...you know what I'm going to say.

7) This is all in good fun so if you're a person who can't laugh and have a good time, I really don't need you.

8) Hey, all I'm saying is have fun! Laugh a little at Davey's ridiculousness. It's OK if you like him. Just laugh a little, have feelings, that's all I'm saying. If you can't have fun with that...pole stuck up your butt...read the above rules.

9)As you can see, we are a little cozy community which is nice. But I won't lie I wish it could be as big as pure_javey_love, which I don't see happening. It can only happen if you promote. So please do.

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saltforwound co-mod
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